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Our experienced team delivers overflight & landing permits, flight plans & ground handling services.



With our experienced team, highly qualified professionals and unmatched global reach, we deliver you the best flight support services.



Our dispatchers provide flight plan and flight tracking services, utilizing latest technology to ensure your flights are operated smoothly, efficiently, cost-effectively and on time.



We offer a wide range of flexible invoicing that meets your unique needs, & we provide the consultancy that assesses the potential benefits and risks of the various options

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We serve you navigating to your destination anywhere worldwide!
And then support you when there, so that your crew focuses only on flying and your passengers on fun.

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''+15 years of experience in the aviation industry''

flight plan

Flight Plan

Proper planning guarantees success in every aspect of life, and particularly in your flying over deserts and oceans…

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overflight and landing permits

Overflight Permits

Every country has its own set of rules, regulations and procedures for granting permits to aircraft wishing for landing…

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landing permits

Landing Permits

If your flight is operating on behalf of government, military or heads of state, we’ve developed an exceptional…

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ground handling

Ground Handling

At any airport around the world, regardless of your aircraft type or flight purpose, ESFS is devoted 24/7/365...

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Cargo & Mail

Our contracted partners are expert and dedicated teams that study freight and mail operations in advance...

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special flight

Ambulance & rescue flights

Special flight types including Humanitarian, Ambulance & Rescue flights that allows you to support…

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